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Hot Water Set for  Heating a  cooking vessel. Includes  a steam powered condensate pump.

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TriStar Hot Water Sets are engineered to match each application. Water temperature, water flow rate, steam supply characteristics, and condensate recovery are all considered when designing each system.

Flow rates range from 25 GPM to 400 GPM. Shell and Tube Design or Brazed Plate Designs in both carbon steel and 316 stainless steel models are available.

Hot Water Set with Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger by TriStar Ltd
Hot Water Set by TriStar Ltd

Electro-Pneumatic Control Loop

A complete control system for applications where sudden or large load changes, or rapid temperature changes occur. The system senses the current temperature of the process using an RTD. It then compares the current temperature to the set point using an electronic controller. The controller sends a corrective 4-20 ma electric signal to the positioner. The signal then controls pneumatic air supply to the steam control valve which increases or decreases the steam flow into the system. The change in steam flow raises or lowers the water (service fluid) temperature. Components include:

  • Steam Control Valve
  • Thermowell
  • Temperature Sensor (RTD)
  • RTD Extension Wire
  • Electronic Controller
  • Enclosure for Electronic Enclosure

Self-Operating Control Loop

Simple, and economical, control loop utilizing hydraulic line for controlling relatively stable systems, where small valve stroke modulations will correct temperature drift. The temperature sensing bulb sends a hydraulic control signal to the special steam valve. Components include the Self-Operating Temperature Regulator and the Thermowell for the temperature sensor.

TriStar LTD Hot Water Set with Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger and Stainless Steel Piping

Control Options

Depending on the steam supply pressure and quality, a steam control valve is selected to provide the correct amount of steam to meet the water heating demand.

Three different type of controls are available for the steam control valve:

Steam Control Valve Only

For plants and applications where the hot water set is going to be operated by the plant's Distributed Control System (DCS). Also for applications where the temperature sensor (RTD) is located far from the hot water set. A pneumatically operated steam control valve is supplied.  Two signal types are available:

  • 4-20 ma - Standard configuration
  • 3-15 psi air - For air-only operation

Sizing and Selection

Call TriStar at (716) 873-0081 for assistance with specifying the correct model hot water set. Factors to consider include water flow rate, heating range, materials of construction, and connection types. You may fill out our Hot Water Set Specification Form to get the process started.


Parts, and Service

TriStar can supply all needed parts for your existing Hot Water Set including the heat exchanger, pump, valves, and instrumentation.

Or, let us rebuild your system for you to like-new specifications.

Hot Water Set Models

Use this chart to specify the model number for your hot water set.

TriStar LTD Hot Water Set for Plate Heat Exchanger System

Engineered to Match Each Application

Hot Water Sets have many different names depending on their use and manufacturer. In the end, they all do the same thing: indirectly heat water using steam energy by means of a steam to water heat exchanger.

  • CIP
  • Pasteurization
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Cooking Vessels
  • Process Heating
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Hose Stations
  • Washdown Stations

Hot Water Sets

Controlled, indirect Water Heating

A Hot Water Set (HWS) from TriStar heats water using steam. We provide all components, including controls, between the steam boiler and the end use. Commonly used in Chemical, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries for:

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