Sizes and Typical Flow Rates​

These are typical flow rates. Actual flow rate for each application is determined through testing.
Length:1 Ft.2 Ft.3 Ft.4 Ft.5 Ft.6 Ft.8 Ft.10 Ft.

12 Ft.

3' Diameter

3-7 GPM
6-14 GPM
9-21 GPM
12-28 GPM
15-35 GPM
18-42 GPM

4' Diameter

12-28 GPM16-38 GPM20-47 GPM24-56 GPM32-75 GPM

6' Diameter

24-56 GPM30-70 GPM36-84 GPM48-113 GPM60-141 GPM72-169 GPM

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Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters (RVDF) from TriStar Ltd. are engineered to meet the requirements of each application. Sizes are available with diameters from 3ft to 6ft and lengths from 1 ft to 12 ft. Precoat, Scraper, and Roller discharge types are available. 

RVDF's as a filter type have been in use for many decades. They are an effective and robust type of filter that have a wide range of applications. These filters are used to filter everything from Grape Juice and Gold to Candle Filter Backwash and Waste Water. 

Equipped with a precoat system such as TriStar's EDG-trac system, a RVDF can filter solids as small as 0.5 microns (20 microns typical). Or, a precoat RVDF can filter difficult applications with slimy, amorphous solids that clog other filters. 

Scraper Discharge and Belt Discharge rotary vacuum drum filters offer continuous filtration operating 24/7 with minimal maintenance. 

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