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3' x 1' Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter with Skid Mounted Precoat System operating in temporary location as a pilot.

3x1 Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter System with Precoat Skid

Simple Skid Mounted Precoat System from TriStar Ltd.


The precoat system can be configured and operated differently based on the process and customer requirements. TriStar can custom design the system to meet your unique requirements.

  • Recirculation Precoat - One common way to precoat a filter is to pump the precoat slurry to the filter and recirculate the filtrate back to the precoat tank. This length of this process is either control by time or by waiting until the tank is clear. (When the tank becomes clear all precoat is on the filter.) Recirculation conserves water or process fluid.
  • One Pass Precoat - Some customers elect to send the filtrate from the precoat process to drain or back into their process. In this case, the precoat slurry is made up and the tank is pumped down until empty.
  • Controls - The precoat system can be very simple using all manual operation or TriStar can incorporate its operation into your DCS or our own touch-screen control panel.

Skid Mounted Precoat Systems

TriStar Ltd. makes a full line of precoat systems for all types of precoating filters including Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters, Filter Presses, Pressure Leaf Filters, Candle Filters, Rotary Disk Filters.

Basic operation involves creating a slurry of precoat material with either water or process liquid. This slurry is then circulated through the filter back to the procoat skid until the proper depth of precoat is achieved.


The basic components of the skid are:

  • Tank - Open top, flat bottom. Sized to accommodate the proper amount of slurry. Amount of slurry is determined by knowing the surface area to be coated, the depth of the precoat, and the concentration at which to make up the slurry.
  • Pump - Air Operated Double Diaphragm.
  • Air Filter and Regulator - Regulates and filters the air operating the pump
  • Mixer - Small, clamp-on mixer for agitating the tank and keeping the precoat in suspension.
  • Base - Simple base holds tank, pump, and mixer stand.
  • Mixer Stand - Attached to base, holds the mixer.
  • Piping - Connects the pump to the tank and provides connections to the filter. Pump inlet comes up over the top of the tank to prevent solids from plugging the inlet. Tank drain is included. Customer provides water supply or return line from filter.
Skid Mounted Precoat Sytem by TriStar Ltd
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