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Skid Mounted Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter for Spent Batter Wastewater Filtration
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Automation Touch Screen
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Agitator Drive Replacement Completed

Most agitator drives are subject to dripping from above. TriStar moves most drives to a higher location. An efficient VFD replaces clunky chain-drive mechanisms.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Agitator Drive Replacement Before

Inefficient chain drive is replaced with efficient and precision VFD drive which is PLC controlled.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Drum Drive Replacement Completed
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Drum Drive Replacement Before

The stainless steel vat for this filter was sandblasted but the carbon steel frame was completely replaced.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Frame and Vat / Tank Repair
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Frame and Vat / Tank Repair Completed
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Frame and Vat / Tank Repair Before

The stainless steel frame on this 3x1 RVDF just needs sand-blasting.

The entire carbon steel frame on this filter was replaced with a newly fabricated stainless steel frame. Brackets were added to support the repositioned agitator drive.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Frame Being Rebuilt
3'x1' Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Before Remanufacturing
TriStar Edge Trac Knife Advance Drive End
Komline Sanderson Scraper Discharge Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter before Rebuilding
Komline Sanderson Scraper Discharge Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Installed
Komline Sanderson Scraper Discharge Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter After Rebuilding
TriStar Ltd rebuilt two large rotary vacuum drum filters for a gold mining application. We purchased used units, completely disassembled, and rebuilt them better than new. Entirely new hoods and spray  headers were fabricated.

Skid-Mounted Systems – Entire RVDF systems can be skid mounted. The systems are pre-wired and pre-plumbed. In addition to the filer they include:

Vacuum System including vacuum pump, filtrate pump, vacuum receiver, and air/water separator.

Pre-Coat System - Pre-coat filter skids include a tank, mixer, pump, valves and controls to handle pre-coat makeup and application.

Rebuilding Process

Frame Repair or Replacement - If the frame is usable we will sandblast, straighten, repair, and paint. Often, however, carbon steel frames are too far gone and need complete replacement. TriStar will make a brand new stainless or carbon steel frame.

Vat Repair or Replacement - Like the frame, if the vat is usable we will refurbish it and make any needed modifications.

Drum Drive Upgrade - As a standard, TriStar upgrades the drum drive mechanism to a direct-drive, variable speed system. PLC control makes drive speed control easy and precise. If desired, we will rebuild the existing drive mechanism to like-new condition.

Agitator Drive Upgrade - Most OEM agitator drive mechanisms are located below the vat where they are subject to dripping and corrosion. TriStar moves the drive up above the vat where it is out of harm's way. We also replace inefficient chain-driven mechanisms with a variable frequency, direct-drive motor which can be controlled via PLC.

Full Automation Upgrade – The use of variable frequency drives allows precise control of drum speed, agitator frequency, and knife advance. Level controls, flow meters, and other sensors are used to measure all filter parameters. TriStar ties all drive systems and sensors together with our own control panels running custom automation routines. Full automation of the filtration cycle is then possible.

Benefits of Rebuilding

Significant Cost Savings - A rebuilt RVDF from TriStar is 60% to 70% the cost of a new unit. Rebuilds can often be purchased  with maintenance budget dollars. Reusing major components such as the drum, grids, frame, vacuum components, and vat save on materials costs. Conversions to EDG-tracTM Knife Advance improves filter performance.

Short Delivery Times – Typical delivery and time to bring on-line for a TriStar rebuilt filter is 8-10 weeks.

Energy Savings – If desired, TriStar can upgrade the filter's components so that the entire filter uses less energy. Fewer moving parts, highly efficient drives, and precise control all reduce energy consumption.

EDG-trac Knife Advance System

The proprietary EDG-tracTM Knife Advance System from TriStar improves filtration performance and energy efficiency on all pre-coat type RVDF's. Click Here for more on EDG-trac.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Rebuilding and Repair

TriStar Ltd will rebuild your existing rotary vacuum drum filter to like-new condition or remanufacture a used unit to your specifications. We have 18 years of experience in remanufacturing with dozens of installations world-wide. We can work on-site at your location or in our own shop.

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